Is it possible to use Foreman to deploy vm appliances?

I am wondering if anyone has successfully been able to deploy a vm appliance with Foreman? We use a lot of them and people want to start automating it. I am not seeing any way to do it easily, so I’m guessing its going to take patching together some things.

Anyone have experience with this or know if its even possible?

Yes. Foreman’s Appliance Service. – just kidding :smile:

Do you intend something like integrating oVirt in The Foreman?

No. Just the ability to deploy OVA’s and OVFs in vCenter. I’m thinking I might be able to manually deploy the appliance, then make a VM template out of it, then use Image based deployments in Foreman. It would mean more manual work upfront, any time the appliance changes, but at least its partially automated.

You could automate the deploy of the appliance outside of foreman, using a CI tool like jenkins or something similar. Our plan is to build new images using packer and ensure our Vcenter templates are up-to-date using gitlab runners.