Is there a Maintenance Mode?


Infrastructure upgrade takes storage offline. Planned 2 day outage.

Want to “pause” the nightly synchronisations of the repos without deleting them, or needing to just turn the server off.

There’s an easy to use “maintenance mode”

Expected outcome:

Easy to use Maintenance mode, stops all synchronisations (and other tasks that hit the storage) until turned off.

There is not in the Rails application itself, however there is a tool called foreman-maintain which is kind of a set of helper utilitites in one and it does have similar thing:

It basically sets up firewall so Foreman is not available tho and that’s it. This is used in large-scaled environments when clients check in so many times it’s not possible to do anything with the app basically if I am not mistaken.

Thanks, good to know.

Ok, so the package is foreman_maintain to install. And there’s foreman-maintain service list

Which of those services is best to stop to prevent sync’ing? Or am I better off just turning the machine/foreman off completely?

Syncing of what exactly.

repositories against - in my case - CentOS repositories. But any off site repositories in general. I think it would be valuable to have a “don’t sync while in maintenance mode” option. The other options are:

  • turn off foreman
  • turn off networking on the server
  • turn off the server
  • delete all the current sync rules and re-write them later.

Seems like four over kill solutions to the problem of “just don’t sync this weekend please”

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