Is there a way to reduce the tag size?

Using a smartphone, all my emails as [TheForeman][TAGENAME] and then 12 or so characters int he subject line. Is there any way to reduce the size of the subject tags so it is easier to scan the subject names on a mobile device?

Exactly my thought from yesterday :slight_smile: [TheForeman] seems unnecessary to me.

Well, I dislike the tag name. I realize they are there for subject filtering, but it seems a bit too verbose.

I’m guessing they did that for gmail which can’t filter on email headers but yes, it’s long. On the other hand we also had [foreman-dev] as a prefix before.

Another thing I also dislike is that the summary on my mobile mail client always shows <name> <date> <text>. The name and date are redundant since the From and Date headers include them as well.

So yes, it’s entirely configuable, with the default (obviously) being [$sitename][$category]. I played around with a few options when setting this up and couldn’t get anything I was entirely happy with.

  • Dropping [TheForeman] isn’t great if you’re not filtering into folders, as it helps to be clear where the email originated - especially if you belong to multiple forums
  • Dropping the category (eg [Support]) has the Gmail filtering issue as @ekohl said
  • Shortening it (eg [tfm][Support]) just looked weird, to me anyway

I think using something like [tfm] is probably the best compromise ([tfm][Support] is 14 chars, vs [foreman-users] at 15, so very similar), but we’re already seeing multiple views on this in just 3 comments so I don’t think we’re going to make everyone happy :stuck_out_tongue:. Perhaps a poll is the way forward?

@ekohl that sounds like worth starting a new thread about, the email template may be sufficiently customizable once I have a moment to look into it.

[tfm] works for me

I’d prefer [foreman] over [TheForeman] and neutral about [tfm].


– Ivan

st 3. 1. 2018 v 18:10 odesílatel Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden <> napsal:

I’ll leave this for further comment for a day or two, but it does seem we’re leaning to [tfm]. Although I’ll probably go for [TFM] - since the categories are capitalized, [tfm][Support] looks a bit odd…

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Can we just do a patch and swap the subject from

[X] [Y] Subject line


Subject line [X] [Y]

Problem solved, could get a chance to be accepted upstream as well.

Also good.

– bk

No need for patches, the format specifier for the subject string could handle that.

I’m not sure I like it style-wise though. I’m very used to every mailing list and forum prepending that info to the subject, so appending just looks weird. I’d still go for TFM to bring the character count down to roughly what it used to be… willing to be outvoted though :slight_smile:

Honestly, I think these tags are useless and I don’t like them, not just
here but everywhere. You can filter out emails via different tokens and in
this case I believe these could be in email headers. Good MUA let’s you do
almost anything, including associating free form tags to emails or dropping
them into subfolders.


Sadly, not all MUAs are good ones, as @ekohl already pointed out. These tags may be annoying to those who don’t need them, but they are essential to those who *do * need them. They aren’t going away.

I’ve made the change for the site-tag to TFM, as discussed. That brings the character count to roughly what it was before, and seems an acceptable compromise given the comments so far.

Thanks, TFM is much better on my phone, sent from phone :slight_smile: