Is there different configuration is required for PXE boot to legacy bios & uefi

Hi Guys ,

I have configured foreman 1.22, where I am able to boot server from legacy bios enabled PXE boot from the Nics.

but i have got new server which is UEFI enabled by default from the vendor but just wanted to know do I need to configure some extra setting which is required by uefi on foreman server.

and Can i configure the foreman to boot both legacy & UEFI bios ?


Hello, yes you can.

To get you started.

it seems URLs are not working

There seems to have been a slight update to the URL:

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sorry Lukas asking the same thing but thought to clarify my doubts…
I have many servers & fewof them has legacy bios and few has UEFI bios there is only one foreman server in the the environment thus Can i configure the foreman to boot both legacy & UEFI using PXE from the same foreman server ?..

if my understanding is correct will share the steps to configure… i am eager to test this in my environment

You can, create two hostgroups one for BIOS one for EFI and set PXE loader to either PXELinux BIOS or Grub2 UEFI. If you want to use discovery, I have added new fact called “efi” which should help you to detect which hostgroup to pick via autoprovisioning rule.

Thanks Lukas for your reply–

I was expecting document or steps using which i can configure this in my exiting environment…

Can i follow below link to configure please confirm.