Iso boot with ipxe

would it be possible to create an iso boot file to launch the ipxe kernel with static IP and boot from it with the bmc instgead of using dhcp/tftp ?

If i am understanding correctly, this is what you’re looking for:

we use this to boot hosts with static ip and no extra networking configuration (no dhcp at all)

Yes could be part of what I am thinking of !
if understand correctly, it will permit to create an ISO boot disk with static/dedicated network config setup, and then launch it on the target server ?
can it be automatically launched with BMC from Foreman or is this step manual ?
would this permit to only use HTTP for provisionning ?

I have it set up with vmware integration, it automatically builds the boot iso with network info, pushes it to vmware/vcenter and starts the host on it.
The iso then boots up ipxe ( i think ) and just talks to Foreman over http, but on port 8000 i think for the kickstart script, then standard 80/443 for packages

more or less what I am looking for !
what did you use to automate this ?

Only difference between standard provisioning through foreman and our setup is the bootdisk plugin addition, otherwise everything is the default and works great.
I did have to add a template called “Kickstart default custom packages” and add to that:

name: kickstart default custom packages
model: ProvisioningTemplate
snippet: true
model: ProvisioningTemplate
kind: snippet

as well as setting parameter:
only_subscription_manager_repos - boolean - true

but that’s because we have Katello and need all updated to go through it as most of our servers can’t access the internet directly and would then fail when trying to get packages from default mirror - so if you don’t have Katello and don’t require machines to go through it to get packages, the default install + bootdisk should work fine