Issue after update 1.16 - 1.17 with Smart Class Parameters


After update (database in particular) from version 1.16 -> 1.17, my yamls in Smart Class Parameters have been broken. For example there were:

  krb4_convert: true
  krb4_get_tickets: false

and become:

"login" =>
 {krb4_convert} => "true"


So I have a question, is there possible to perform upgrade procedure without modifying existing Smart Class Parameters?

Regards, Kirill B.

Hello, changed subject for better visibility. It is good idea to advertise which part of Foreman is your problem about,

Ok, thank you. UP

I think this was reported as Bug #23382: Editing Smart Class Parameter of type YAML creates malformed value in release 1.17.0 - Foreman , @tbrisker @Ondrej_Prazak do you know if anyone is working on it? It’s quite a critical bug

I do not know of anyone working on it, it might be related to a Rails issue as pointed out by @mmoll.