Issue with RHEL 7.7 foreman installation

Hello Team,

I am currently facing a problem installing foreman using RHEL 7.7, It was working fine earlier with CIS AMI but when I try the same with latest RHEL image it is giving following error. If anyone has already faced such issues please route me to the right path.

Systemd start for puppetserver failed!
\u001b[0m\u001b[31mjournalctl log for puppetserver:
\u001b[0m\u001b[31m-- Logs begin at Thu 2019-10-31 11:54:10 GMT%!(PACKER_COMMA) end at Thu 2019-10-31 12:12:35 GMT. --
\u001b[0m\u001b[31mOct 31 12:12:06 systemd[1]: Starting puppetserver Service...
\u001b[0m\u001b[31mOct 31 12:12:35 puppetserver[13387]: Failed to load feature test for posix: can't find user for 0

VERSION=“7.7 (Maipo)”

Please let me know if you are looking for more info.


Looks like issue with puppetmaster to me. @ekohl ?

I have seen the below :
Puppet version: 5.5.16
Puppet server : 5.3.9


  • { name: r10k, version: 2.6.4 }



  • foreman-installer

  • puppetdb-termini

    –foreman-admin-password mypwd
    –foreman-proxy-plugin-remote-execution-ssh-remote-working-dir /opt/foreman-scripts
    –foreman-passenger-ruby-package (added this just to see if this is req)

Upon checking logs furhter could see below :
exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalStateException: There was a problem adding a JRubyInstance to the pool."%!(PACKER_COMMA) “\u001b[0m\u001b[31mDec 02 16:26:23 puppetserver[28747]: at$eval31155$prime_pool_BANG___31160$fn__31164.invoke(jruby_agents.clj:75)”%!(PACKER_COMMA) “\u001b[0m\u001b[31mDec 02 16:26:23 puppetserver[28747]: at$eval31155$prime_pool_BANG___31160.invoke(jruby_agents.clj:48)”%!