Issues with foreman 2.5.1 on ubuntu 20.04

I have installed a foreman 2.5 on a ubuntu 20.04 machine and i run into some issues.
The TFTP home directory is not set correctly. (Bug #32453: Handle Ubuntu 20.04 tftp directory move - Installer - Foreman).
This was a easy fix using the command’s i posted in the issue.

Now i can iPXE boot a machine and run a auto discovery. But when i try to provision the host i get a 400 error on the /dhcp/ of the proxy.
As far as i can tell the issue is related to the fact i get multiple DHCP entries for the same host and the proxy has no way of handling this.
The PXE does 3 DHCP request

  1. Intel pxe
  2. IPXE
  3. Discovery
    it looks to me something goes wrong there.

Foreman 2.5 on a ubuntu 20.04
Foreman discovery: 17.0.1
Foreman templates: 9.0.0

Full error given by the proxy
No response from DHCP server: <Proxy::DHCP::Error>: Failed to add DHCP reservation for xxx (yyy / zzz): No response from DHCP server
But if i remove the DHCP entries from the config it kind of works.