Jammy Release is not signed

Problem: I am unable to use the jammy repository and am getting release file is not signed.

i found the resolution for one of the community person for the same issue.

Expected outcome: Should be able to access the Ubuntu repositories created as Products in the content management as type : deb
Upstream URL : Index of /ubuntu
Release/Distribution : jammy
Components : main restricted universe multiverse
Architecture : amd64

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman version - 3.8.0-2
Proxy version: Not applicable.

** Katello version 4.10.0

Distribution and version: Rocky Linux 8.9

Other relevant data:

The link you are pointing to is for Pulp 2 which is obsolete for your version of Katello.

What you need to do for signed APT repos in Katello is to create a “APT repo signing service” named katello_deb_sign, the latest docs on how to create signing services are currently here: Signing Service Creation — Pulp deb Support 3.2.0 documentation

But you need to use the name katello_deb_sign instead of PulpQE as used in the example from the docs. And of course you should generate and use your own signing key, not the one from the example.

You can also search for past threads within this forum. Signing service creation has been discussed here before.

Thanks for the response.I manage to create the katello_deb_sign signing service.

Can someone help how to use this “signing service” using GUI / command line for the currently created Ubuntu repositories.

is the steps given url valid for pulp 3.


pulp deb repository list
NAME=my-repository # Insert some repository name from the list here.
pulp signing-service list
SIGNING_SERVICE_NAME=my-apt-release-signing-service # Insert a signing service from the list.
pulp deb publication create --repository=${NAME} --signing-service=${SIGNING_SERVICE_NAME}
pulp deb distribution create --name=${NAME} --base-path=${NAME} --repository=${NAME}

the error …

foreman-dev ~]# pulp deb repository list
Try ‘pulp --help’ for help.

Error: No such command ‘deb’.

got some info. thanks.

this issue is resolved. thank you.