Jobs failed and rerun failed: lost where successes and failed

when I launch a job on several dozens of machines sometimes I have several failures. Normally I will “rerun failed”, according to the arrangement, the machines that have failed, one by one.
If you do not choose to fix all before “rerun failed” the ones that have failed, it is easy to get lost and not really know where you have executed the job succesfully and where not.

There are times that I create an additional job to check where the desired job has been executed and where it has not (verifying some state) since I do not see it easy to extract this information through the jobs panel. But its not very productive that.

It would be interesting that results from a “rerun failed” of one or all hosts in failure will dump their results in the initial job status page so that at each moment you could see the entire list of hosts with the finel result obtained (includin post rerun-failed executed until now).

How do you manage these situations? Jobs page not seems usefull for that.