Katello 1.4-15 No registered systems listed

Hello everyone,

Not sure what happened but none of our registered system are showing up
under Systems => All; however, in System Groups, I have a 'Default' group
and I can add/see/modify systems.

When I run I get the following:
> system list --org Centric_Group
Unit 7e807bd2-1714-4e0c-9bf3-7d6bca21b22f has been deleted

I get that every time I run the command from the katello shell

··· > node list --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Node List

ID Name Environments


system_group list --org Centric_Group

                                System Groups List For Org [ 

Centric_Group ]

ID Name

1 Default
2 Development

system_group systems --name Default --org Centric_Group
Could not find system group [ Default ] within organization [ Centric_Group