[Katello 2.4] Packages removed from custom repo still show up in Content->Packages

I have two (related?) issues.

  1. Somehow we got 2 matching packages (but with different checksums)
    uploaded to a custom repo we run. I went into the repo list of packages and
    removed both copies of the duplicate packages. This made the packages not
    show up in the repo anymore. However they still show up on a host if I run
    'yum info package_name'. They also still show up if I go to
    'Content->Packages->All Repositories'. Now if I individually search each
    repo for said package they do not show up, but when I search 'All
    Repositories' they show up. This leads me to the next issue.

  2. If I click on the problem package that shows up from 'All Repositories'
    I get package data and 4 tabs: Details, Files, Dependencies and
    Repositories. When I click 'Repositories' to get an idea of where the
    package is coming from I get the spinning icon and it lasts forever (5 days
    and counting so far).

Any ideas how to get these phantom packages removed from the system?