Katello 3.10 or katello 3.9 documentation, puppet upgrade instruction

website, katello upgrade instructions for puppet missing, page not found error

Expected outcome:
after clicking on puppet in the upgrade instructions for katello 3.10, a page with instructions should popup, instead of a page not found error.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
n.v.t. (I looked in the katello plugin doc for version 3.10, 3.9 and 3.8)

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Other relevant data:
it’s the website: a dead link there.

Currently puppet 4 seems to be installed (and that version is old)

It looks like this PR deleted every puppet upgrade doc since 3.3. Looking at the commit messages, this was done intentionally. I have no clue why though. Nevertheless, the last version before deletion still mentioned Puppet 4.

According to the Foreman docs Puppet 5 is supported and I guess it has been for quite some time now. Puppet 6 support is still not finished afaik. I would guess this is both true for Foreman, too.

I found an old wiki part for what to do to upgrade from puppet 4 to puppet 5 here: Upgrading from Puppet 4 to 5 - Foreman

However i missed that puppet upgrade part for several versions of katello upgrades (but now it is at least mentoned).

Because I do not yet know what will break, I did not yet upgrade from 4 to 5, as it seems not nessesary yet.

I, too, have not yet updated to Puppet 5. Bad memories from the Puppet 3 to 4 migration have kept me from working on this by now. And Puppet 4 definetly works with Foreman 1.20/Katello 3.9.

I will have to tackle this topic soon, though, since Puppet 4 is EOL.

The katello and content proxy scenarios have hooks in place that should automatically upgrade a Puppet 4 to Puppet 5 install. Just install Puppet 5 and rerun the installer.

With Foreman 1.21 we’ve improved our modules to bring most of this to the Foreman scenario as well but you may need to manually reinstall the puppet-agent-oauth package.

@ekohl Thanks for clarifying, it sounds like this would be helpful to note in the Katello docs

Exactly what I thought.
Still, the old docs should still remain where they were in my opinion or at least the menu entry should be removed. Having internal links in the doc that 404 does not look to good (and obviously confuses people).

Thanks for pointing that out, I will make a PR to change that

tl;dr: starting Katello 3.9.0 this should work for users.

Long version:

Katello 3.7.0: https://projects.theforeman.org/issues/23470
Katello 3.9.0: Bug #24752: need to reset puppet::server_puppetserver_metrics on Puppet4 → Puppet5 upgrade - Katello - Foreman
Foreman 1.21/Katello 3.11: Refactor #25839: Avoid storing puppetserver version related parameters in the answer file - Installer - Foreman

If you look at the details then 3.7 and 3.8 automatically resets --puppet-server-puppetserver-version. 3.9 and 3.10 added --puppet-server-puppetserver-metrics while 3.11 fixes the root cause by never storing any value for this. It also correctly handles --puppet-server-jvm-extra-args.

On the Foreman side we’re still lacking support for reinstalling puppet-agent-oauth if needed. Once we add that we’ll always be able to just handle what’s present, whether that’s Puppet 4, 5 or (hopefully soon) 6.