Katello 3.18.1 has been released

Before considering an upgrade to this release, see this post to make the correct determination as to whether you should upgrade or not due to a severe issue affecting pulp3-based content in Katello 3.18.x (including 3.18.1 as of right now). I will update this thread once Foreman 2.3.2 has been released which will resolve this critical bug.

The good news is we’ve managed to quickly address a small number of issues on the Katello 3.18.0 release and it seemed appropriate to release them sooner than later! Here’s the Changelog for a prettier rendition of the fixes.

And the usual links:

Need help?
If you’ve found any issues in this release please head over to the support area and open a discussion so we can take a look. It’s possible any issue you’ve found has already been reported, so searching prior to opening a new discussion is recommended.

Now that Foreman 2.3.2 is released, it’s safe to upgrade to Katello 3.18 for Pulp 3 users :slight_smile: