Katello 3.2.2 released!

Seasons Greetings to all! Santa has come early!

We are happy to announce the release of Katello 3.2.2 with some changes to
the installer. This will fix upgrade issues that were found in 3.2.1.

One notable change in 3.2 is the support of Puppet 4. More info about
upgrading to Puppet 4 can be found here:


A list of the changes in Katello 3.2 is in our release notes:

Installation or Upgrade

··· ==================

For installation, please see the instructions at:

Server: http://www.katello.org/docs/3.2/installation/index.html
Capsule: http://www.katello.org/docs/3.2/installation/capsule.html

For those testing upgrades, please use the instructions below and file
any issues you encounter. Please note that there are separate upgrade
instructions for the Katello server and Capsules:

Server: http://www.katello.org/docs/3.2/upgrade/index.html
Capsule: http://www.katello.org/docs/3.2/upgrade/capsule.html

Notable improvements

3.2.1 upgrade issues fixed including:
Bug #17720: upgrade ends up with blank /etc/httpd/conf.d/pulp.conf - Katello - Foreman - upgrade ends up with blank

Bug reporting

If you come across a bug in your testing, please file it and note the
version of Katello that you’re using in the report and set the release
to 3.2.0.

Thanks for your feedback, bug reports, and contributions!

John Mitsch
Red Hat Engineering
irc: jomitsch