Katello 3.4 Content View Filter not honored

I am running Katello 3.4 where I have a Content View with the repositories
CentOS 6 and CentOS7 Base, Extras, Updates, and EPEL. Also in this content
view I have a filter. The filter is a RPM exclude filter for things like
httpd mod_ssl and some others that cannot be easily upgraded. I just
applied all updates and Errata to all the hosts in this content view and
when I went back to check I noticed 2 out of 20 hosts that had packages
under Packages -> Applicable that were in the exclude filter.

I have ensured that the Published and Promoted views of this Content View
had the filter in it before the view was Published and Promoted. So as I
understand it the hosts using this Content View should not even show RPMs
listed in the Exclude filter.

Is this a bug?
Is there anyway on the client side to see what filter has been applied to
it? (As a verification.)
Am I doing the filtering correctly? I would like to avoid putting the
filter in every hosts yum.conf but I will if the filter in Katello is not
working right.