Katello 3.6 : how to manage debian clients?


I have to install a server which can manage CentOS and Debian + Ubuntu packages. Now I know that I need Katello 3.6 to manage deb sources but in the manual there is no instruction about the installation of Katello agent in the debian clients. There are instructions only for CentOS and Fedora…

Thank you in advance for your help !


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thanks for asking. Let’s try to separate, what is working from what does not (yet).
As you might have seen, you can add apt-compatible repositories for deb packages. You can publish them with and without ssl. You can add them to content views and create versions with them in the same way, you know from yum-repos. The http (non-ssl) variants of those repos can be used in the usual way by adding them to /etc/apt/sources.list.
When it comes to registering debian based distros, it is where the problems begin. There is no official version of subscription-manager for debian. You can try https://github.com/ATIX-AG/subscription-manager/tree/mdellweg/apt-support (which could use some love and needs to be rebased eventually). But even if you manage to register hosts with that version of subscription-manager, there seem to be issues with the certificates.
There will not be a katello-agent for debian. Package management will eventually be done with remote execution.
Hope that helps.

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… there seem to be issues with the certificates.
The error here is that pulp cannot match the requested repository-URL with the PathTree that is stored in the client-certificate’s x509v2-extension (
Error-message from pulp’s repoauth is:
Client certificate failed extension check for destination

However this might as well be a problem with my current scenario (Katello 3.5 with backported debian-support) or my config.
I have not managed to pin it down, yet.

@Tersho54: I encourage you to try it, but be prepared for misery :wink:

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Ok thank you for your help !

I will see what you told me

Hello @x9c4,

I tried accessing this URL and getting an error message.

Can you please update me with the new URL details if any.


hi @karthickitslm, this is pretty old thread. Check out this guide Ubuntu client - #3 by maximilian