Katello 3.9 & Puppet Version confusion

I am testing and evaluating katello 3.9 to replace our current spacewalk installation. I am currently looking at puppet and how it integrates. But now I am somewhat confused about the various documentation.

Katello 3.9 installation documentation for CentOS 7 uses puppetlabs-release-pc1-el-7.noarch.rpm which contains puppetserver 2.8.1. The section 2.4 of the katello documentation describes how to upgrade from puppet 3 to puppet 4 which is confusing as puppet 3 is not part of the initial installation.

Foreman 1.20 documentation wants to install puppet 5.

I can’t find any clear documentation or release notes which says which puppet version is supported with katello 3.9.

Which version of puppet is supported with katello 3.9? Should that be at least somewhere in the release notes which versions are supported?

That does sound inconsistent indeed.

Katello itself doesn’t really determine the Puppet support since that’s inherited from Foreman. The 1.20 documentation is probably leading in most cases.

However, the upgrading Puppet via the installer is currently a katello-only feature. That said, Puppet 3 -> Puppet 4 migration was removed so should also be removed from the manual.

If you’re starting fresh I’d advise to go with Puppet 5 which is fully supported. Puppet 4 is going EOL at the end of this year and you don’t want to start with legacy.