Katello 4.1.1 has been released!

I’m pleased to announce that Katello 4.1.1 has been released! The main feature of this release is the integration of Pulp 3.14 with its new queueless tasking system. View the full CHANGELOG for more details.

Important: Please see the Foreman release announcement and heed the warnings before upgrading!

Some links to get you started:

Instructions for upgrading from Katello 3.18 and earlier:

You should follow the “Pulp3 Migration” steps outlined in the Katello 3.18 upgrade guide.

Pulp 2 is no longer supported as a content backend, so this migration procedure is critical.
(If you’re upgrading from Katello 4.x, you’ve already got Pulp3, so repeating these procedures is not necessary.)

If you’ve found any issues in this release, please head over to the support area and open a discussion so we can help.