Katello 4.3 GA docs point to nightly

First up thanks for the work everyone has done getting Katello 4.3 out the door. It’s not been an easy release process - kudos to all.

The documentation link in the Release Announcement, however, points to the nightly docs, which point to the nightly repos. The nightly repos already point to the 4.4 release, so users are going to be disappointed if they are expecting to install a GA release.

I see no Katello docs published for the Foreman 3.1 release. These docs should really be available at the point of release shouldn’t they? And the release announcement should point to them rather than the nightly.

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The correct docs are here:

cc @cintrix84 for the fix of the announcement

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and cc @lzap and @mcorr for the wrong link on Foreman documentation: which points at https://docs.theforeman.org/3.1/Installing_Server/index-katello.html and that’s 404

It relies on this PR [3.1] Cherry pick remove _on_$os from install guides by ekohl · Pull Request #1019 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub

@evgeni fixed the links in the announcement.

And Ewoud’s fix for links was merged too. For the record, the page that had the wrong link is the ideal target for links from release announcements. Currently it is just a list of guides but we plan to expand it with more information about Foreman, Katello and perhaps present the links in much better way than a simple list. TODO but I think we can change it retrospectively for all releases when this is done for nightly.