Katello 4.3 rc4 upload package issue

I’m trying to use the latest RC for Katello, and it seems if I upload a custom package to a blank yum repository, it will select a random package from one of my other sync’d products.

For example, I have a product called research with a repo and if I upload a custom RPM to it, it will instead put zlib from my sync’d CentOS 7 product.

Am I doing something stupid, or is this an issue with my install/Katello 4.3 RC4?

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Hi @samoz83,

Unfortunately this is a known bug, which you can follow here.

Until that is resolved, there isn’t a simple work-around.



I see there’s a lot of talk about Foreman 3.1.2 and Katello 4.4 RC in the release meetings, but nothing on Katello 4.3.1, anyone knows what the expected date for this is?

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