Katello 4.6 smart proxy servers

I noticed that the install manual does not mention Katello proxy servers any more. Does the newest version of Katello (4.6) support smart proxies like described here: Foreman :: Plugin Manuals.

If supported what is the proper way to install Katello on the Smart Proxy Host? I know I need to setup the Certs to allow communication but beyond that I am not sure. The above URL mentions the Katello Agent but that has been removed so at least that part of he Doc is no longer correct.

See the katello docs Installing an External Smart Proxy Server 3.4

If you want a smart proxy without content then this might help: Installing a puppet smart proxy against a katello main server

It’s for installing a smart proxy for puppet but I guess instructions can be adjusted for other services as well.

I have gotten 2 proxies connected to the main system. All I needed to do was:

  1. Subscribe the new Smart Proxies to the Main system
  2. Create the Certs on the Main system using the foreman-proxy-certs-generate --foreman-proxy-fqdn command
  3. Setup the Smart Proxy and load the certs with the output produced from the foreman-proxy-certs-generate

So now the question is how do I push the repos to the smart proxies? And how do I tell a system to use the smart proxy for its content rather then use the Main system?


There is an action to generate a script in the host lists: “Change Content Source”.

If it’s the same CA it should be as simple as doing the configuration with subscription-manager like step 5 here: Managing Content

So that all worked. I have proxies now. 2 more questions.

  1. What are the meanings of the different Download Policies for the Smart Proxies?
  2. With organizations using Simple Content Access how could I programmatically add a new host and associate it to a Smart Proxy?
    When I was looking at the hammer commands I saw there was a way to link Smart Proxies to Activation keys. But when I tried I was blocked because of Simple Content Access on the Org. Right now with a much older version of Foreman/Katello we run the subscription-manager command via Cloud Init when the instance is deployed in AWS. Ideally I would like to associate the host to a Smart Proxy when I run Cloud Init to avoid human error. Is this possible?

That‘s all in the docs I‘ve linked before. Did you look at those?