Katello 4.8.0 rc1 feedback

Thank you for another (pre-)release of Foreman/Katello!

After I crashed in the installer back when 3.6.0 was available, I tried the upgrade again now with 3.6.1,
and everything looks fine up to now! :ok_hand: (of what I could try)

I only noticed one thing up to now, threw of all repo syncs (~200, yum, deb, container) at the same time and after that I’m rarely getting HTTP 500s for the power statuses of the VMs (information from the VMware vCenter side) on the hosts page, looks to be a performance bottleneck thing though. Couldn’t really track it down and can’t reproduce anymore, just as information if it appears.

The other thing I noticed is that the links of the missing updates buttons (Installable updates) on the hosts page still link to the old content host detail page.

Tbh it’s very stable :slight_smile:
(Overall performance could be a bit better, but that could also just be my environment)

Cheers, Lukas

I’m also waiting for this fix:

But as pulp-deb 2.21 is not in 4.8 up to now, it will take until the next update after :ok_hand:

Unfortunately this version of pulp_deb was not released yet, so no packaging could happen. I fear you need to wait.

Since there is clearly demand, I will evaluate the possibility of releasing the fix in a 2.20.1 release and making that available to existing Katello releases. I will bring this up during the Katello/pulp_deb integration meeting this coming Tuesday, with a view to releasing that Wednesday.


Tbh I already have like 14 hanging cleanup jobs, so it’s no harm done if it’s getting 30 :slight_smile:
Thank you for looking into it though @Dirk and @quba42!

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Thanks! Opened Bug #36254: Installable updates links on the hosts page still link to the old content host detail page. - Katello - Foreman

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