Katello 4.9.1 release process

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When Ready to Release

Release Owner

  • Request Hammer CLI Katello release from maintainers

  • Request Virt Who Configure release from maintainers

  • Request any other releases as needed from the release owners (consult the :repos: section of configs/katello/4.9.yaml)

  • Do Cherry-picks: Clone tool_belt

    • If any minor versions of Katello have been added to Redmine since the last cherry-pick, make sure to include them in prior_releases in configs/katello/4.9.yaml
    • Run ./tools.rb setup-environment configs/katello/4.9.yaml
    • Run GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN=<secret> ./tools.rb cherry-picks --version 4.9.1 configs/katello/4.9.yaml
    • Open a PR in Katello release branch. Make sure the PR name starts with [CP] to prevent our automations from adding it to Redmine issues.
    • Using git cherry-pick -x as needed, verify tickets in the cherry_picks_4.9.1 file are accounted for, or additionally cherry-pick them. Recommended: Do this in tool_belt’s checkout of Katello, in repos/katello/4.9.1/katello. This way when you run cherry-picks again, tool_belt will be aware of any picks already completed.
    • For any cherry-picks that are not needed (including Redmine trackers) you can add them to the :ignores: section of tool_belt in configs/katello/4.9.yaml
  • Change Redmine version 4.9.1 state to Closed

  • Check for outdated deprecation warnings in the current and next release with ./tools check-deprecation-warnings configs/katello/4.9.yaml. Follow the instructions in the output of the command. Don’t forget to create any Redmine issues needed!

  • Update docs.theforeman.org

  • Open a PR (or use cherry-pick PR) against the release branch which updates lib/katello/version.rb to 4.9.1:

    • git pull to make sure you have the latest changes
    • sed '/VERSION/ s/".\+"/"4.9.1"/' lib/katello/version.rb
    • Update/add the CHANGELOG.md file: GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN=<secret> ./tools changelog configs/katello/4.9.yaml
    • Commit: git commit -m "Release 4.9.1"
    • Ensure that the commit above is the last commit and there are no commits after it. This is the commit that will get tagged. (Rearrange commits with git rebase -i if needed.)
  • Once the PR is merged, perform the following in the Katello release branch (the real one, not your fork):

    • Tag: git tag -s -m "Release 4.9.1" 4.9.1
    • Push: git push --follow-tags (Must be pushed directly to the release branch, as pull request merges will not preserve tags.)
    • Generate .mo translation files: make -C locale all-mo in the katello directory
    • Generate source gem: gem build katello.gemspec
    • Ensure you have a working login and password at rubygems.org
    • Push gem: gem push katello-4.9.1.gem
  • Inform the delivery team that the gem is published

Once Source is Available

Note it is considered good practice to release on a day when the next day is a working day. This means no releases on Fridays or on the day before a holiday.

Release Engineer

Once release is out

Release Owner

  • Confirm response that the build succeeded (or if necessary, do more cherry-picks and version bumps repeating the steps above)
  • Test the install and upgrade documentation for both the Katello server and smart proxy
  • Post a release announcement

My browser is not allowing me to check the boxes / mark items as completed, however the katello 4.9.1 gem has been pushed to rubygems.org

I think the same mistake happened as described in Release team meeting 2023-07-19. You have to make it a wiki yourself. The checkbox doesn’t do anything magical. Though it looks like someone already made it a wiki.

@wbclark Has the email been sent to the delivery team? I don’t recall seeing anything come through. This release is critical since it’s tied to downstream