Katello Agent: Not installed -- but rpm -q says otherwise

Hi all,

I have a katello 3.0rc1 install here. I have added a couple of repos for
OEL7, OEL6 and sync'd against them. I have also gone through the steps to
create an activation key, content views, etc., and subscribed a host using
subscription-manager. However, the status light for 'Katello Agent' is
yellow, and the system says that the agent is not installed on the client.


[root@salmanlinuxvm log]# rpm -qa |grep -i katello-agent


[root@salmanlinuxvm log]#

I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing a few times, have also
performed a restart of the goferd service, and issued a
katello-package-upload command manually. Still no change in status.

Am I missing something here? I'm not able to find any errors in the log
files. Would greatly appreciate some help. Thank you.

The client is an OEL7.2 install.