Katello and Scientific Linux Repos

Hello All,

I am working on trying to setup Katello/Foreman to serve EPEL and SL 7
repos to an isolated build network. This is my first stab at Katello and
am running 2.4.0-3.nightly, so I beg your patience if I'm missing something
obvious, or if I'm going about the repo setup all wrong.

I have three repos setup for SL 7: Base, Fastbugs, and Security. I pulled
these out of the yum repo file. I have a single repo setup for EPEL. All
of these are x86_64 only. The EPEL repo has synced and seems to be
operational. The problem is that each of the SL 7 repos supposedly sync
successfully, but the sync activity reports:

Yum Metadata: Not Found

and in the RAW tab reports:

         {"rpm_total"=>0, "rpm_done"=>0, "drpm_total"=>0, "drpm_done"=>0},
      "metadata"=>{"state"=>"FAILED", "error"=>"Not Found"}}},

and later:

    "description"=>"Importer indicated a failed response",

The SL linux URLs I'm using are FTP protocol, and contain repodata and repoview directories within, while the EPEL repo is an HTTP repo. Is this possibly a bug relating to syncing from FTP sources or have I just setup something incorrectly?

Thanks for the advice!