Katello Backup/Restore - with DB on different node

When Katello is deployed with DB (Postgres) on separate node. what is the best way to take backup.

  • DB backup is taken separate

Admin guide talks about foreman-maintain full backup and snap. Both take config files, postgres db, pulp db .

But with DB running on separate node, what is the best approach for backup/restore

  • Is it possible to take backup excluding postgres since it is running on diff node using foreman-maintain

  • If manual approach is taken, what folders should be included in backup, (pulp, qpid, puppet. /etc ? !)

  • In the case of foreman node failure, if we have a standby foreman-node with similar config and version, is irt possible to do restore using foreman-maintain (without impacting db) or any manual method to bring up this server

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Foreman and Proxy versions:

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Katello 4
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