Katello client repos for 3.7 missing packages

Can we please get somebody to fix the Katello 3.7 client repos for EL7, F27, and F28. There are missing packages again.


With 3.7 we for the most part reduced the number of packages in the client repos due to a new version of gofer and the katello-agent having fewer dependencies themselves. Can you explain specifically (per OS if it makes sense) which packages you’ve found to be missing?

Thanks. That is good news (fewer dependencies). So it’s safe to delete the orphaned packages on my upgraded clients?

Sorry - just realized F28 apparently isn’t on the supported client list. I saw the repo was there but empty and just assumed it was supposed to contain something but it’s not included in the installation docs so I guess it’s still pending?

F28 needed an upgrade of our Koji infra. Before we built on EL7 but because of dnf changes we’ve now added a Fedora 28 builder. This week maintenance has been completed and should now allow us to build F28 packages.