Katello/Foreman not showing all facts

Foreman is not showing all puppet facts for hosts on a Katello 3.8/Foreman 1.19 installation.

For instance a docker puppet module has been added to a content view, the host correctly sees the module and applies it. On the host itself running “puppet facts” shows Docker module facts:

"docker": {
  "ID": "XXXY:......",
  "Containers": 0,
  "ContainersRunning": 0,
  "ContainersPaused": 0,
  "ContainersStopped": 0,

The facts get uploaded to puppet master (proxy running on the Foreman server itself) and I can see them in the yaml file at /opt/puppetlabs/server/data/puppetserver/yaml/facts/.yaml

However on the Foreman UI, the facts screen doesn’t show docker facts (it does show other facts, just not the ones belonging to puppet modules)

Tried manual fact push using node.rb --push-facts that didn’t help

can you check the value of Exclude pattern for facts stored in foreman setting under Admin->Settings->Provisioning? Since fact processing is a heavy calculation that runs very often, some facts are ignored by default - docker* being one of them, as docker hosts tend to have many virtual interfaces etc. If you need to use them, you can remove the docker* pattern from this setting but be aware that it may have performance impact.