katello-master-package-release 353 failed

katello package release pipeline failed:


build failed:

Gem loading error: Could not find 'runcible' (< 3.0.0, >= 2.12.1) - did find: [runcible-2.12.0]

some step missing to get this in?

It wasn’t built yet. You can see that the push to foreman-packaging triggered the release but that also triggered release job. Sadly our RPM release isn’t instantaneous and there’s a nice race condition. We should fix our triggers on that job to only watch the katello package directory rather than all packages.

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would it make sense to add a delay to the release job so the build finishes before it triggers?

I would prefer we don’t build Katello on every change to foreman-packaging and only if a change was made to packages/katello/rubygem-katello. This saves a lot of resources on Koji by not doing builds if irrelevant files/packages were touched. It does come at the cost of not “automatically” doing rebuilds but I think this is fine. If a new dependency is needed to actually fix the build, we should be increasing the minimum version explicitly in rubygem-katello.spec or manually retrigger in those odd cases where it is needed to retry.

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