Katello - Monitoring Options

All, I have a general inquiry regarding monitoring tasks that the Katello server carries out. My plan is to write Nagios checks that will check against expected output in hammer cli. For now, I am targeting sync status of repos as the initial monitoring object, since this seems very vital to Katello.

My questions are…

  1. Are there any in-app solutions that can carry out my tasks?
  2. Are there any other vital Katello application components I should be monitoring? Is it feasible with Nagios and ‘hammer’ output manipulation?

Thanks a lot!

If it were me I’d be using the API directly in my Nagios plugins simply because I’d have an easier time of parsing the JSON emitted by the APIs rather than the format of Hammer output. Not to discourage you from using Hammer for your purpose; I think it’s a personal preference.

I just found https://github.com/stdevel/check_katello_sync which might help you in your own implementation - or you might use it directly!

Another item I’d have Nagios keep an eye on is the output of hammer ping which can tell you the status of the various backend services.

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This is amazing - thank you. I will give this a look.