[katello] multiple RHEL Manifests in one Organization

Can I have multiple RHEL subscriptions in one organization? I have one organization for all my client servers. Clients have own RHN accounts with RHEL subscription for their servers. I want to manage updates of all servers from Katello. I exported and added Manifest for one client, now when I want to add another manifest for second client I can’t do it, because of error:
Katello::Errors::CandlepinError: Owner has already imported from another subscription management application.

short answer: no, that is not possible.
Long answer: This is by design. The use-case you describe is exactly what organizations are for. The design is to have one Foreman organization per subscription holder/manifest. This is to ensure that one clients servers do not have access to the subscriptions of another client. This does increase the management overhead on your side, but it is the only way to handle that kind of use-case, at least for the current time and the foreseeable future.


Ok, thanks for clarifying.
When I create another organization I need to create one more time Products, Sync Plans, Activation Keys, etc.? Is there any method to copy them from other organization or share that configuration between them?

As far as I remember (it’s been some time since I set up a new organization) there is no way to copy/reuse anything that is content related (read: Anything regarding repositories etc) between organizations. You can reuse just about anything else (smart-proxies, puppet classes, hostgroups, etc) but not anything under the content tab. It might be worth to take a look into either the API or hammer cli to automate those tasks when creating new organizations.

Most of our servers are running on CentOS. We have only a couple of clients with RHEL. For now I will not connect them to Katello and use RH portal instead. Maybe in future something will change in Katello related to this case.

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