[katello] multiple versions of zabbix-* RPMs in 'Applicable Packages'->'Upgradable Package'

Hi. I created mirror of official zabbix repo for centos 6 and 7. Now for all content hosts in ‘Applicable Packages’->‘Upgradable Package’ I see all zabbix packages versions, not only the newest ones.
Is it possible to mirror only the newest version of packages?

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/7yAGDoj

@maslokm, thank you for your question

There are two things I think you can do to mostly achieve what you want.

  1. Use ‘on demand’ policy for this repository. Only packages being used by your content hosts will be synced and not all the old versions you aren’t using. Will save you the disk space, but I think all versions may continue to show since the repository contains information about those packages.

  2. Use a Content View which contains this repository and apply that to your content hosts. On the content view you can specify a filter (Yum Content -> Filters) to include the latest package versions only.

With (2) I believe you should only see the latest versions under Upgradable Packages

I already use ‘on demand’ policy. It doesn’t matter.

I already tried it. It’s working, but I need to change it every zabbix minor release. I thought it could be better solution.