Katello nightlies frequent issues with foreman-installer required version constraint

Whenever I have done vagrant up centos7-katello-nightly or vagrant up centos7-luna recently, I was getting issues with incompatible dependencies:

    Error: Package: 1:foreman-installer-katello-1.22.0-0.1.develop.20190220031739git4ae4bf0.el7.noarch (katello)
               Requires: foreman-installer = 1:1.22.0-0.1.develop.20190220031739git4ae4bf0.el7
               Installed: 1:foreman-installer-1.22.0-0.1.develop.20190222031733git4ae4bf0.el7.noarch (@foreman)
                   foreman-installer = 1:1.22.0-0.1.develop.20190222031733git4ae4bf0.el7

Seems like we’re not mashing the foreman-installer-katello packages fast enough. Any sustainable solution for this problem?

We do trigger a Katello nightly pipeline after Foreman, but Katello nightlies break often. I do intend to move foreman-installer-katello to the main foreman repository. Right now it’s in Katello because it has dependencies on Katello-specific packages. For that we need to change all instances of katello-service with foreman-maintain service. Luckily foreman-maintain is available in the foreman repo (as opposed to plugins). We’ll also move katello-selinux.

Part one:

Edit: part two: