katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 1511 failed

Katello nightly pipeline failed:


foreman-pipeline-katello-rpm-nightly (failed) (remote job)

the first failing test is:

not ok 4 create package repository
# (in test file fb-katello-content.bats, line 35)
#   `--url https://jlsherrill.fedorapeople.org/fake-repos/needed-errata/ | grep -q "Repository created"' failed
# Could not create the repository:
#   Task 3db7b5da-ffa7-44ae-a528-22d204af87d3: Katello::Errors::CandlepinError: createContent.arg1.id: may not be null

It’s reproducible with something like hammer repository create --product-id 1 --name lolwhat --content-type yum

There was a recent Candlepin update from 4.2.3 to 4.2.11 which might have introduced that?

CC @Odilhao @katello

@evgeni @Odilhao

Let’s untag it so the pipeline returns green and I will check with the Candlepin team and see what is causing the error. I tested some basic operations like import/refresh manifest, client registration, so just assumed the rest would work

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% koji untag-build katello-candlepin-nightly-el8 candlepin-4.2.11-1.el8

I also tested a few older Candlepin builds (4.2.8, 4.2.6) and even 4.2.6 shows this behavior. (Mind you, you can’t roll back an install from 4.2.11 to 4.2.6, you need a fresh one, or an upgrade from 4.2.3, so take a VM snapshot on 4.2.3 when experimenting around).

And here is the debug log from that request:

2022-12-12 07:27:24,303 [thread=https-jsse-nio-] [req=5d5a22fa-4bd9-4599-81e5-b368a3d4f9f9, org=, csid=ba979cec-9a4c-42d4-ab06-5eba96f8f647] DEBUG org.candlepin.resteasy.filter.AbstractAuthorizationFilter - Request: POST /candlepin/owners/Default_Organization/content/
accept: application/json
user-agent: rest-client/2.1.0 (linux x86_64) ruby/2.7.6p219
authorization: OAuth oauth_body_hash="2jmj7l5rSw0yVb%2FvlWAYkK%2FYBwk%3D", oauth_consumer_key="katello", oauth_nonce="xzwuFPTNvaGmV72zey7V7SXtFfqNCxzwdkazFwNEU", oauth_signature="ZZUuN3JCDGIQeQgW%2BxYDxP0gqro%3D", oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1", oauth_timestamp="1670830044", oauth_version="1.0"
accept-language: en
content-type: application/json
x-correlation-id: ba979cec-9a4c-42d4-ab06-5eba96f8f647
cp-user: foreman_admin
content-length: 172
accept-encoding: gzip;q=1.0,deflate;q=0.6,identity;q=0.3
host: localhost:23443
  "name" : "lol-4",
  "contentUrl" : "/custom/lol/lol-4",
  "type" : "yum",
  "arches" : null,
  "label" : "Default_Organization_lol_lol-4",
  "requiredTags" : "",
  "metadataExpire" : 1,
  "vendor" : "Custom"
2022-12-12 07:27:24,400 [thread=https-jsse-nio-] [req=5d5a22fa-4bd9-4599-81e5-b368a3d4f9f9, org=, csid=ba979cec-9a4c-42d4-ab06-5eba96f8f647] DEBUG org.candlepin.audit.EventSinkImpl - No events to roll back.
2022-12-12 07:27:24,400 [thread=https-jsse-nio-] [req=5d5a22fa-4bd9-4599-81e5-b368a3d4f9f9, org=, csid=ba979cec-9a4c-42d4-ab06-5eba96f8f647] DEBUG org.candlepin.servlet.filter.EventFilter - Request failed, skipping event sending, status=Bad Request
2022-12-12 07:27:24,400 [thread=https-jsse-nio-] [req=5d5a22fa-4bd9-4599-81e5-b368a3d4f9f9, org=, csid=ba979cec-9a4c-42d4-ab06-5eba96f8f647] DEBUG org.candlepin.servlet.filter.logging.LoggingFilter - Response: 400 Bad Request (132 ms)
x-candlepin-request-uuid: [5d5a22fa-4bd9-4599-81e5-b368a3d4f9f9]
X-Version: [4.2.6-${release}, 4.2.6-${release}]
Content-Type: [application/json]
{"displayMessage":"createContent.arg1.id: may not be null","requestUuid":"5d5a22fa-4bd9-4599-81e5-b368a3d4f9f9"}

Looking at candlepin/candlepin-api-spec.yaml at master · candlepin/candlepin · GitHub (via Swagger UI ) it seems the id was “always” required.

and just to keep you posted, untagging Candlepin fixed those errors, but there is more: katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 1513 failed

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@cintrix84 is there an issue (either on Katello or Candlepin side) that tracks the progress on this?

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