Katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 473 failed

Katello nightly pipeline failed:


foreman-katello-nightly-test (failed)
foreman-katello-upgrade-nightly-test (failed)

    not ok 7 create a file repository
    # (in test file fb-content-katello.bats, line 52)
    #   `--product="${PRODUCT}" --content-type="file" --name "${FILE_REPOSITORY}" | grep -q "Repository created"' failed
    # Could not create the repository:
    #   Task 554072f7-f8a1-4f8f-84ef-1e479757d10a: PulpFileClient::ApiError: Error message: the server returns an error
    #   HTTP status code: 403
    #   Response headers: {"date"=>"Thu, 02 Apr 2020 11:46:39 GMT", "server"=>"gunicorn/20.0.4", "content-type"=>"application/json", "vary"=>"Accept,Cookie", "allow"=>"GET, POST, HEAD, OPTIONS", "x-frame-options"=>"SAMEORIGIN", "content-length"=>"58", "via"=>"1.1 pipeline-katello-server-nightly-centos7.n41.example.com", "connection"=>"close"}
    #   Response body: {"detail":"Authentication credentials were not provided."}

@Justin_Sherrill @sajha is that something we might have introduced with Pulpcore 3.2?

I believe this work to pre-create the admin user should resolve it: https://github.com/theforeman/puppet-pulpcore/pull/85

@evgeni : Looks like https://ci.theforeman.org/job/katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline/480/ passed. :slight_smile:

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