Katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline 615 failed

Katello nightly pipeline failed:


TASK [foreman_proxy_content : Generate Certs] **********************************
fatal: [pipeline-proxy-nightly-centos7 ->]: FAILED! => changed=true 
  - foreman-proxy-certs-generate
  - --foreman-proxy-fqdn
  - pipeline-proxy-nightly-centos7.n60.example.com
  - --certs-tar
  - /root/pipeline-proxy-nightly-centos7.n60.example.com.tar.gz
  delta: '0:00:09.111538'
  end: '2018-12-26 00:11:21.105393'
  msg: non-zero return code
  rc: 21
  start: '2018-12-26 00:11:11.993855'
  stderr: |-
    tput: unknown terminal "unknown"
    tput: unknown terminal "unknown"
    Parameter parent-fqdn invalid: nil is not a valid string
  - 'tput: unknown terminal "unknown"'
  - 'tput: unknown terminal "unknown"'
  - 'Parameter parent-fqdn invalid: nil is not a valid string'
  stdout: Error during configuration, exiting
  stdout_lines: <omitted>
	to retry, use: --limit @/root/.ansible/retry-files/katello_pipeline.retry

Likely related to https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-installer/pull/268 - @ekohl please take a look when you’re back from holidays

The issue is that for some reason Kafo can’t resolve $facts['fqdn'] instead of $::fqdn. This is where the change was introduced:

I suspect it’s the way we dump defaults in kafo that doesn’t handle an array.

Any updates on this? katello nightlies are still failing

Looks like this has been resolved, nightlies are now green.

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