Katello OPENSCAP Plugin - Required Puppet class foreman_scap_client is not found

Hi all,
while creating a new compliance policy, the error

Required Puppet class foreman_scap_client is not found, please ensure it imported first

is returned.

I followed installation instructions on foreman official site.

May you help me?


Make sure you have the puppet-foreman_scap_client package installed on host, where you run the foreman proxy with puppet master/server. If you have all in one setup, it’s the foreman host itself. Then import puppet classes from that foreman proxy. Once you see the foreman_scap_client class in your UI, you’ll be able to continue.

Hope this helps

Hi Marek,
I have the puppet-foreman_scap_client installed:

Module theforeman-foreman_scap_client 0.3.18 is already installed.

How can I import puppet classes from that foreman proxy?
How can I see if foreman_scap_client class is in my UI?

Many Thanks

you can see the list of imported classes in UI under Configure -> Classes. To import additional classes click the “Import environments from $my_proxy” button on that page. This will fetch list of Puppet classes that are on $my_proxy but not yet in Foreman. You just select what you want to import and confirm.

Hope this helps,

Hi Ondrej,
I tried to import classes as you told me. The interface recognizes that foreman_scap_client and stdlib have to be update, but after clicking update following error is returned:

Oops, we’re sorry but something went wrong Validation failed: Name has already been taken

How can i fix it?


Did you define the module anywhere else (site.pp etc?) before you attempted to import the module in the foreman UI? Do you have any other modules defined or imported in the production environment?

I found that the error is solved if i select any context instead my specific organization.