Katello or foreman, or both?

Hi all,

I’m fully exploring foreman, and read about Katello, but now:

Can I run katello on the same server as I run my forman server?
Do I need katello? (I’m mainly using only rhel 7 and debian) Or is a different repo mirror server as good?

Katello is a plugin for Foreman to handle content management.

Running Foreman plus Katello allows you to serve content to managed hosts, e.g. software packages and errata.

Guide: Installing Foreman 2.4 server with Katello 4.0 plugin on Enterprise Linux
I don’t know much about RHEL content, but this setup will definitely be able to server content for Debian and Ubuntu hosts.

You should be able to adapt the Ubuntu guide for Debian systems.

I have no experience with running Katello on a different host; maybe others can comment on this.


As a Foreman plugin, Katello always runs on the same server as Foreman.
However, the installations are different and I have no experience installing Katello on an existing Foreman installation (it may be best to start over with a clean instance and follow the installation instructions for Katello from the start).

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@maximilian and @quba42 thanks for the reply, this made it more clear in my head :slight_smile:

And is it possible to upgrade your existing foreman with Katello or is it a clean install?
I think like @quba42 says that I best need to do a clean install.

Installing katello on top of an existing foreman is theoretically possible, but not supported or recommended, as katello installs several other services and modifies some things in the way foreman works (for example, nested organizations are disabled). You should create a new server running katello by following the instructions in the katello manual and migrate any hosts or data to the new server.


Ok! Thank you @tbrisker I will start my journey with katello now :slight_smile: