Katello Product Version vs Foreman OS version

I am trying to get the Product Version that I have setup the Repo to to match the version under hosts Operating Systems. After provisioning the version changes from the Synced Content OS to an OS with Minor versions listed. I think I am missing something here or this is expected behavior and I shouldn’t be concerned about it.

I synced the Rocky 8.5 to my product list and I provisioned a host. After reboot and puppet report the OS changed to Version 8.5 with the minor version label.

Expected outcome:
I don’t expect the OS under hosts…Operating System to change as the OS increases minor versions

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman: 3.1.2
Foreman Proxy 3.1.2
Katello 4.3

Distribution and version:
Rocky Linux 8.5

I am looking for more of a guidance situation as I think I am just looking at it incorrectly and I need to adjust my thinking.

If you’re syncing a repository that Katello detects is “bootable”, then an operating system will be created to match. That OS version should match up with any hosts that you provisioning off of that repository.

When you say that the “OS changed”, do you mean the host’s OS? Also, what do you mean by the “Product Version”?

I created a product under Content…Products with Repos from Rocky Linux 8.5. This created a Operating System under Hosts…Operating System with the Name Rocky_Linux 8. The Operating System doesn’t have a minor version specified. So after I provision a server with the Rocky_Linux 8 title it reports back and now listed as Rocky 8.5. I cannot modify the Rocky_Linux 8 Operating system as it breaks the Synced Content option.

It sounds correct that the operating system would be updated after provisioning, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll need to defer to folks who know provisioning workflows better… maybe @lzap or @cintrix84 ?


Foreman historically wants to keep updating the inventory via Ansible/Puppet facts, you can disable this behavior if this is not what you want.

OK seems to be just my thought process was confusing the matter. I think I have it setup mostly the way I want it. Its just during a reprovision of a system I have to go and re-select the OS. Prior to installing Katello I didn’t have to do this as the OS stayed tied to the Media source I had originally tied to it.