Katello/Pulp 2.20.0 upgrade Task

I have an upgrade rake task that will be needed for anyone using Katello with Debian repositories, if and when Katello includes Pulp 2.20.0.
Since I do not yet know what version of Katello will include this version of Pulp, I have created the following “Draft PR”: https://github.com/Katello/katello/pull/8240

Any help with how to get this into the correct version of Katello would be appreciated.

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Thanks @quba42 for the pull request! You can file an issue for this here https://projects.theforeman.org/projects/katello/issues/new . Leave the release and triaged checkbox blank and it will be picked up for triaging into the appropriate release.

I added the following Redmine issue: Bug #27479: pulp_deb 1.10.0 (included in Pulp 2.20.0) will need a rake task during upgrade - Katello - Foreman
Will update the PR to reflect this soon.