Katello Python Repository


Are there any plans for Python Repositories in Katello?


Do you mean something like a local pypi? If yes, a pulp plugin for this already exists so it should be doable, but I don’t know if there are any plans as I only found the issue, I think you already commented: Feature #9178: As a user, I can use Katello to manage Python repositories - Katello - Foreman

Perhaps @mcorr knows who to ask?

Thanks @Dirk

hi @mschau - @ppicka and Daniel from the Pulp team recently did a workshop walking you through how to host your own PyPI: Host your own PyPI - DevConf.CZ 2021 - YouTube

Is this what you had in mind?

Thank you! Yes - I’d like to host a local pypi and already set up pulp3 on a testing machine. But the handling is…you know.
Furthermore we already heavily use Katello and provide access to several other departments - it would be great if we could provide that gui and workflows also for local python repos.

This is definitely something we are interested in but haven’t had the bandwidth to implement. It might help if you could describe some of your workflows and how you’d use them with katello’s feature set if katello did support that feature type from pulp.


Our use-case:
We’ve got a disconnected infrastructure - so if sb needs a python app, he has got to download it from some place with internet access and transfer it to the regarding machine. Unfortunetaly some apps are only available by “pip install …” which makes all a bit more difficult.
Currently they use proxy access for the servers in such cases.

In future the regarding department should be able to provide the app via its own (or a common) Katello instance.
Addionally there’s a security aspect in centrally managing python apps…

Since Foreman 3.0 / Katello 4.2 you can create repositories of type “python”.