Katello Setup

I’m having issue trying to figure out how to get Katello going. My aim is to be able to use Katello to remote patch or download packages to our host servers. I’ve figured our how to add hosts and repositories. What are the main steps I need to be able to setup up Katello to do this, I’d appreciate if someone had the documentation or could at least tell me what I need to get this to work.

Expected outcome:
Patch servers using katello

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.0/Katello 4.2

Hey @austin299 ! Welcome to our community.

We have an intro to Katello video here that folks found helpful: Introduction to Katello - YouTube

We also have this guide that has a quickstart part to it: Content Management Guide

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If you don’t get to where you need to go, or find there are gaps, let me know!

Perfect thank you, I’ll check it out now, actually just found the Introduction video.

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I have a question, do I need to have a smart proxy send commands to the host? Also I’m trying to add Oracle Linux devices, when I add my ssl certificate it says it doesn’t recognize the hostname, I haven’t added it to dns yet I assume that the issue? I thought it would still register base on the raw ip. Basically I want to be able to find a good way to add hosts for Oracle devices, and be able to send simple commands. For now i’ll try registering the hostname in dns. Just seeing if you had extra information on setup.