Katello support for RHEL 8?

I am wondering when Katello might be supported on RHEL 8?
Foreman has been supporting RHEL 8 for a long time, but the docs for Katello only show CentOS 8.
It looks like people have been able to install Katello on Alma or Rocky.
I am not sure why RHEL 8 would be any different?
Is it that the documentation just hasn’t caught up?
Thanks to everyone that is helping with Foreman!


Docs should be up to date now. Sorry for the delay.


I just checked the docs and it seems still doesn’t list RHEL8, it lists CentOS 8, which doesn’t exist though


Ah, looks like table 1 is out of date

repo centos-release-ansible-29 is not available on RHEL8

Well Ansible is now ansible-core in RHEL8, so we shouldn’t need the repo.

IIRC ansible-core is part of RHEL 8.6. It also makes Ansible 2.9 uninstallable so I believe the whole step is now redundant. I’m checking, but already submitted:

As for proper support: I started https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-documentation/pull/982 before my leave, but haven’t had a chance to finish it yet.