Katello Upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5 fails because of candlepin version candlepin-2.1.14-1.el7

Hello All,

I had issues while upgrading from Katello 3.4 to 3.5, the issue because of candlepin version 2.1.14.-1. The cpdb did not accept the password even tried manually with the password there in /etc/candlepin/candlepin/conf.

So I had to downgrade the candlepin rpm with 2.0.40-1(candlepin-2.0.40-1 and candlepin-selinux-2.0.40-1) then the upgrade works fine and all looks good.

I don’t know who else had tried to upgrade or installed 3.5 wtih candlepin 2.1.14-1 version but this should be a bug in the upgrade.

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve filed an issue here. Please provide any logs you think might be relevant.

sorry I wrongly mentioned the candlepin version, I had issue with the version 2.1.14.
There are some fix released(version 2.1.14-1) yesterday (3/19) and that fix resolved the issue.

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