Katello/Virt-who error

I am attempting to setup virt-who to report to my katello installation.
When running the service rhsm.log shows the following error. Any help is
appreciated! More log can be provided if needed.

2017-06-05 20:45:58,798 [virtwho.main ERROR] MainProcess(19460):MainThread
@executor.py:send:143 - Unable to send data: Communication with
subscription manager failed with code 500: undefined method `string' for
2017-06-05 20:45:58,799 [virtwho.main DEBUG] MainProcess(19460):MainThread
@executor.py:send_report:108 - Report from "vcenter" failed to sent

I'm seeing the same thing … but found this with Google …


Hope the fix comes out soon.

That was the ticket I opened for the bug. Ends up it was already reported and a fix available in the ticket. http://projects.theforeman.org/issues/19963

I implemented it this morning it resolved the issue.