Katello VM with an AWS postgresql12.5-R1 external DB

I wanted to build out katello 4.2 on a VM with postgresql external on an AWS Postgresql12.5-R1 instance, has anyone tried this, is this postgresql version supported as it is the lowest postgresql AWS provides?
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Everything is good
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Hey @adam7486
I’m hoping someone wiser will jump in and answer this!
I am looking at some docs that we have here
and the version of Postgresql mentioned is Foreman supports PostgreSQL version 12.1. These docs definitely need some work from what I can see, and I’m hoping someone else can validate this also, but it also looks like this is possible for RHEL systems only.

@adam7486 there shouldn’t be any issues with installing Katello on postgres 12.5. My development environment is using it. The only thing you may need to worry about is the postgresql-evr extension that Katello uses. As long as you can install RPMs on your AWS postgres box you should be fine.