Katello with Multiple DCs with proxy


Currently I have my Master Katello server and a proxy in a remote region. The problem that I am having is I subscribed my client server in the remote region to the proxy server, but it’s still fetching the updates from my Primary location where the repo is located. I have multiple repos per site. On the proxy server I added a dnat rule that all traffic destined for my primary repo should go to the repo in that location.

Just a quick background on my setup

On Foreman/Katello master:

  • Multiple products setup that points to repo (repo A)
  • Contentview for all my products
  • Activation keys for all my products that I can use from the client

On Foreman/Katello Proxy

  • Proxy connected to Master
  • DNAT iptables rule added to the proxy server that traffic destined for repo A should go to repo B in the current region.

Expected outcome:

Proxy should connect to repo in its location and not in the region where master is located

Foreman and Proxy versions:


Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Rocky 8.5

Other relevant data:

Any suggestions or advice will be helpful. My main objective as a start is to have a replacement for spacewalk to manage all updates. If there are any other ways of doing this with Katello please let me know. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Is the proxy you’re referring to a smart proxy or an http proxy? Also, could you check if ‘baseurl’ and ‘hostname’ in /etc/rhsm/rhsm.conf are pointing to your main server?

HI Rverdie,

On your first question I am referring to the smart proxy. Your second one, the servers in my remote region is pointing to proxy server and the servers in my main region points to my main server. Ideally I would not want to replicate all the data in pulp. My proxy server should communicate to my local repo in my remote location and not fetch updates from my main server. Any ideas?