Katello with Multiple DCs with proxy


Currently I have my Master Katello server and a proxy in a remote region. The problem that I am having is I subscribed my client server in the remote region to the proxy server, but it’s still fetching the updates from my Primary location where the repo is located. I have multiple repos per site. On the proxy server I added a dnat rule that all traffic destined for my primary repo should go to the repo in that location.

Just a quick background on my setup

On Foreman/Katello master:

  • Multiple products setup that points to repo (repo A)
  • Contentview for all my products
  • Activation keys for all my products that I can use from the client

On Foreman/Katello Proxy

  • Proxy connected to Master
  • DNAT iptables rule added to the proxy server that traffic destined for repo A should go to repo B in the current region.

Expected outcome:

Proxy should connect to repo in its location and not in the region where master is located

Foreman and Proxy versions:


Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Rocky 8.5

Other relevant data:

Any suggestions or advice will be helpful. My main objective as a start is to have a replacement for spacewalk to manage all updates. If there are any other ways of doing this with Katello please let me know. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: