Keycloak Authentication

Problem: External User logging in from Keycloak gets redirected to Any Organization / Any Location even after setting the Defaults for login.

Expected outcome: User gets redirected to correct org/loc based on profile

Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman 2.1 Katello 3.15

Distribution and version: CentOS 7.8

I have setup Keycloak based authentication which seems to work just fine but only issue is that it keeps directing the user to Any organization / Any Location instead of the one set in the Account preferences.
Is there a simple way to fix this.

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Hello @secvirt,

Really appreciate your effort to report this issue :slight_smile: As I am looking into this issue, I have realized this is true for all user logins including internal and external. By this I mean, if you create an internal user and assign it to a org/loc. When you login, they are assigned to Any Org/Loc.

I will open an issue for this bug report in redmine and notify you with the same.Will try to fix this issue :slight_smile:


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