Kickstart default template provisioning template - ignores set parameters


Cloned kickstart default template configure different parameters with other than default values

Expected outcome:

Modified parameters to be deployed on newly created host

Foreman and Proxy versions:

  • Foreman 3.0.1

I Have cloned the default kickstart template and modified some parameters as follow:

This template accepts the following parameters:
- lang: string (default="en_US.UTF-8")
- selinux-mode: "disabled" (default="enforcing")
- keyboard: string (default="us")
- time-zone: "Europe/Bucharest" (default="UTC")
- http-proxy: string (default="")
- http-proxy-port: string (default="")
- force-puppet: boolean (default=false)
- enable-epel: boolean (default=false)
- enable-puppetlabs-repo: boolean (default=false)
- enable-puppetlabs-puppet5-repo: boolean (default=false)
- enable-puppetlabs-puppet6-repo: boolean (default=false)
- salt_master: string (default=undef)
- ntp-server: ntp.comtec.lan (default=undef)
- bootloader-append: string (default="nofb quiet splash=quiet")
- disable-firewall: true (default=false)
- package_upgrade: true (default=true)
- disable-uek: boolean (default=false)
- use-ntp: true (default depends on OS release)
- fips_enabled: boolean (default=false)
- encrypt_grub: boolean (default=false)

None of modified values are published to newly created hosts.

After modifying newly created template I rebuild PXE build default.

I checked if this is the correct template pushed to new host, as there are other snippets I added and those are working correctly.

Also, the modified parameters are not visible in preview when using the editor.

Am I doing something wrong?


I managed to fix it by defining values for variables in global parameters.

These parameters are set through host parameters (or global).
The part of the template you showed are a comment, and has no effect on the actual template generation.

You can also set these host-parameters through Operating system and/or hostgroups i believe

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Yes, thanks, I failed to read the docs properly at that time :slight_smile: